Connect With Farm Operations Like Yours

FamilyFarms Group’s peer groups connect similar farming operations across North America. We understand farming is a tough business that’s especially susceptible to economic changes. Our peer groups can help you grow a valuable support system and sense of community to give you the boost your business may need.


Why Should I Join?

Farming is in your blood, but running the business isn’t always easy – that’s why you need a support system of farming operations just like yours to help encourage and provide deeper market insights. Our group for family farmers offers opportunities to cooperate on equipment, discuss products and markets, learn about cutting-edge technology without leaving the combine!

Getting Started

If you’re interested in our peer group opportunities, but not certain on whether you would benefit as a member, we highly encourage checking out our Ag Business Management peer group.

Farm marketing is a challenging venture to undertake, but if you’re going to succeed in this competitive industry, sometimes it takes a village – or at least a good advice community. AgriSolutions’ Ag Business Management (ABM) Peer Group offers farmers and business experts alike a forum for sharing ideas, best practices, and growing their management and leadership skills. Together with fellow farmer peers from around the country, our program involves trusted agricultural leaders that share their experiences as well as practical application of physical setups associated with sales training tailored for your unique farm operation.

Here are the top reasons farmers like you join the ABM Peer Group:



Meet producers with farms like yours, and learn from them in a non-competitive environment. Our network of forward thinkers join us to learn, improve, and grow! FamilyFarms Group’s peer groups are about building a community of farmers who help one another enhance their operations through collaboration and the exchange of knowledge.



Have you ever wondered how you stand in comparison to similar operations? Our peer groups offer in-depth insight into similar farmers’ revenue, costs, and more! This valuable data will give you the information you need to create actionable advancements to better manage and improve your operation.


On-Farm Learning

Seize a chance to step away from your own business and tour another’s! Learn about different approaches, new technology advancements, and best management practices from farmers across the country. Touring another operation can open your mind to opportunities to create better efficiencies on your farm.

Past Participant Testimonials

Hear directly from our previous peer group participants about their experience.

Additional Peer Groups

This program will provide you with the skills and knowledge to lead an entire farming operation as well as bring in outside speakers to come in and share their knowledge. We also provide farms tours and all-encompassing benchmarking learning opportunities!

Operate your farm more efficiently to increase productivity, profitability, and morale with our management training. We’ll provide outside speakers for various topics of interest at the right time and agribusiness tours that explore how other farms operate in order to provide valuable insight into best practices from around the country! We’ll also cover benchmarking to measure against any competitors who might be close by.

One of the most comprehensive operations manager training programs right at your fingertips! You’ll learn how to be more efficient and effective on-the job as well as learn about state-of-the-art farm technology available that can help improve efficiency. With this diverse range of learning options available for managers like yourself, we’re confident we can help you improve your farming operation.

In this group, you will find everything from soil health basics to advanced agronomic tactics and strategies. Whether it’s for beginners or experts in the field, there is something here that everyone can learn from!

Understanding the financials of your farm is vital to its health and prosperity. That’s why this group focuses on every aspect of finance, from revenue streams to expenses so that you have a firm grasp on all the aspects you need in order to be successful!

What’s not to love about a group of strong female ag entrepreneurs? The women’s peer group is an invaluable resource for anyone who wants advice or guidance in their career, as well as those seeking like-minded individuals. These ladies don’t just share their triumphs but also offer valuable insight on topics such as grain marketing, accounting, and figuring out how best to handle business marketing!

The dad’s peer group is a place for fathers to share their farming wisdom and experiences, as they make the transition into new territory. The transition to the next generation can be a challenge but it is not impossible! Join together with other fathers who have been through this before you and find your own support system – knowing there are others who share similar experiences makes for a smoother transition!

Ready, Set, Network!

Get your questions answered and boost efficiency. Farming is one of the toughest careers around, but you’re not alone.  With our online and in-person events, we’ll connect you with other agricultural industry leaders who can share their tricks of the trade and give advice on specific problems. Join the discussion and networking of hundreds of professional farmers from all corners of the agriculture world!