Farm financial coaching benefits—knowing and protecting your bottom line


Understanding financial management is crucial as your family’s farming operation progresses. A solid understanding of financial management strategies including benchmarking, accuracy, and risk management ensures your farm obtains and sustains financial health.

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Get a financial analysis to find strengths and weaknesses within your operation:

  • Your current staff, system, quality of financial information, purchasing, receiving, inventory management, payment, and cash management processes during your business evaluation
  • Benchmarking against other family farms
  • Historical performance analysis for a clear picture of farm’s financial past, present and future


Financial coaching gives you:

  • Lender recommendations and loan application guidelines
  • Advice for working with your current lenders
  • Help hiring qualified employees to help manage your finances

Improve decision-making though financial training:

  • What your financial information means and why financial details are important to your big picture
  • Budgeting and planning guidance
  • How to monitor key metrics and establish healthy ranges
  • Delivery and invoice processes for inventory control
  • Accrual accounting practices and application processes
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