Discover Real Results Through Farm Coaching

Farm Management Services

Setting goals is great but implementing those goals and making the changes you want and need for your operation is the most important step. As a member, you’ll work directly with a seasoned ag expert, or “coach,” who:

  • Helps you define and prioritize goals while providing guidance in your decisions
  • Ensures you’re on a path to continuous, long-term improvement
  • Consults on best practices and facilitates networking opportunities
  • Brings in subject matter experts as appropriate/needed
  • Holds you accountable for the things you want to do

Evaluate Your Farm and Set Action Plans

Human Resources services

FamilyFarms Group performs a thorough evaluation of 14 key areas of your farm. Based on the results, customized action plans are developed to get your farm to where you want it to be.

  • Benchmark against other progressive, like-minded family farms
  • Set goals, create a business plan and detailed action plans
  • Learn strategies and get training and assistance to achieve your goals
  • Attend planning sessions on and off the farm to reset and refocus your goals and your team

Create Operational Efficiencies & Improve Management Skills

Farm Implementation

Getting better is the name of the game. Once you’ve built a strong foundation, you can diversify, grow, or differentiate, finding your own unique path to success.

  • Create efficiencies that let your farm easily operate with minimal waste and maximum output
  • Speed up production, eliminate guesswork, and improve overall accuracy
  • Learn processes and best practices, including 150+ standard operating procedures (SOPs), used and developed by other operators
  • Gain invaluable insight into your operations through peer groups and training
  • Define roles and improve communication between family, owners, management, and staff
  • Determine grants of authority for streamlined management and improved focus