The Sprouting of FamilyFarms Group

FamilyFarm Group - Leadership

Our founders see some of the same and/or parallel events happening in the row crop sector that have already happened in other sectors of ag.

Those other sectors experienced tremendous change and very rapid consolidation and many local farm families didn’t make it.

Not wanting to see even one more family farm not succeed, FamilyFarms Group was born to create a system to help such farms deal with—and even thrive—in a rapidly changing row crop environment.

FamilyFarms Group was created to help people like you.

Meet your Resources

Our team has experience, passion, and drive to help family farms succeed.

FamilyFarms Group staff is a diverse group of business professionals—some with backgrounds in ag and others specifically hired to bring knowledge and experience from other industries and help members apply it on the farm. Our diverse group will help take you and your farm from where it is now to where you want it to be.

Matt Ronken

Cheif Executive Officer

Jeff Haferkamp

SVP, Education and Strategic Initiatives

Harold Birch

Executive Vice President, Co-Founder

Dave Bryden

Senior Business Development Consultant

Michelle Goeke

VP, General Counsel

Vicki Ivester

Chief of Staff

Carolyn Roberts

Director, Family Farms Solutions


Michelle Smith

VP of HR, Corporate and Member Services

Valerie Bates

Senior Manager of Education

Jamie Cannady

Team Coach I/ New Team Implementation Facilitator


Nicole Davis

Certified HR Executive & Business Coach

Deb Etheridge

Vice President, Sales/Marketing and Legacy Crop Insurance

Bill Gunn

Farm Coach

Diane Hanekamp

Manager of Crop Sales

Gary Huggins

Team Accounting Specialist

Leo Kosokowsky

Financial Resource

Kyle Morgan

Team Coach II

Molly Norris

Senior HR Generalist

Marty Turner

Manager of Integrated Solutions

Ariel Weinman

Senior Marketing Specialist

Where we’ve established roots

With headquarters in Brighton, IL, and staff in several other locations, we currently provide producers across the U.S. and Canada with the resources, services, and tools to be more competitive and successful while remaining independent.