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FieldIQ™ Software gives you the power to manage your planting, nutrient and pest management operations with one consistent system. Customize fertilizer prescriptions and seeding rate based on your needs and your approach. Knowing your field helps you increase profitability, produce higher yields, minimize environmental impact, and make better decisions.

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Precision Agriculture Simplified.

FieldIQ™ is a powerful GIS software with an intuitive user interface that makes entering and managing data from multiple sources simple and effective.

FieldIQ™ gathers all your farm’s data, from field records to soil tests and input purchase information, and creates variable rate prescriptions for seed and nutrients. Inputs are loaded into the computers in your controllers and are delivered exactly where they need to be placed for best results.

Experience the difference of FieldIQ™ first-hand:

  • Geospatial database stores your operation’s data by location for analytics that go beyond one field
  • Historic look-backs at soil fertility trends over time
  • Location-aware tablet app allows in-field, data-driven scouting
  • Brand neutral system incorporates data no matter what type of controllers you use
  • Variable rate seeding prescription capability