Project Description

The Challenge

This family farming operation had been a longtime client of AgriSolutions, using its accounting services to pay their bills and keep basic accounting records. However, AgriSolutions knew they could provide even more value by helping the farm owners handle their financial and production data more effectively. ASI analysts and consultants recognized the farm owners’ need for information which would allow them to interpret their data, make informed decisions, and understand how those decisions will impact their future.

The Results

ASI’s service professionals began working closely with the client to ensure their accounting records were accurate at the field level. This accuracy has subsequently enabled them to monitor their profitability more closely. They now have the information necessary to make decisions – such as whether to lease ground – based upon the level of profitability. These farm owners are now even more engaged in ensuring their management decisions are based on accurate, timely and complete data. Thanks to the expert help from ASI’s service professionals in accurate gathering and analysis of vital data, this farm family now has confidence in the detailed and accurate information available to them.