FieldIQ™ Software gives you the power to manage your planting, nutrient and pest management operations with one consistent system. Customize fertilizer prescriptions and seeding rate based on your needs and your approach. Knowing your field helps you increase profitability, produce higher yields, minimize environmental impact, and make better decisions.

What Our Members Say

Precision Ag Services

Developments in precision ag have revolutionized row crop production.

Today’s most successful farming operations use information about their farm to improve the use of their inputs and ultimately make wiser business and environmental decisions. FieldIQ gathers all your farm’s data—including logged data, soil tests, and in-season imagery—and creates variable-rate prescriptions for seed and nutrients.

Data Storage

Bring the benefits of the information age to your acres by keeping your boundaries and soil test results in our secure, robust software platform. FieldIQ also holds your planting, as-applied, and yield data, allowing you to enjoy the results of multivariate analytics without having to crunch the numbers yourself. Experience the difference of FieldIQ firsthand:

  • Geospatial database stores your operation’s data by location for analytics that go beyond one field
  • Historic look-backs at soil fertility trends over time
  • Location-aware tablet and smartphone app allows in-field, data-driven scouting
  • Brand neutral system incorporates data no matter what type of controllers you use
  • Variable rate seeding prescription capability

Prescription Creation

FieldIQ clients are able to create prescription files through the program and export to a universal file type or send straight through to select monitors.

Wireless data transmission is available for those with subscriptions through their manufacturer. Today, MyJohnDeere, Climate FieldView, and Raven SlingShot are supported. The wireless data transmission allows farmers across North America to have all the same data in each cab, eliminating management headaches and offering peace of mind knowing prescriptions are there when you need them. Consistent and reliable prescription creation makes it easier to manage your operation efficiently.

Polished Reports for Landowners

Staying in touch with other landowners throughout the year and on an ongoing basis not only helps you retain the acres you have but also assists in attracting new acres.

Both existing and potential new landowners want to know you’re going above and beyond in taking care of their assets, and we love telling landowners about all your great work! With FieldIQ, you have the ability to run polished reports to show your landowners fertility trends over time, current levels, and even what nutrients you’ve applied this year. Additionally, you can report your yield spatially in order to help make a case for management decisions like drainage and terracing, or just to show off how great your yields already are!