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Efficiency & Technology are your keys to a successful operation

Farm Operation Solutions to Fuel Your Business

Efficiency & technology are your keys to a successful operation

Farm Operations

Efficiency allows your farm to operate with minimal waste and maximum output while technology enables you to do it simpler.

You’re already good at growing crops, so how can you improve operationally? The first step to enhancing your farm’s efficiency is minimizing waste.

We’ll help implement new operating principles and protocols and even train your employees. Specifically, FamilyFarms Group helps members:

  • Identify areas in need of improvement.
  • Integrate lean manufacturing principles into your operation.
  • Gain insight through operations manager peer groups and training for your key employees.
  • Share processes with other operators to speed up learning curves.
  • Implement more than 300 already-written standard operating procedures.

Advancing your farm’s efficiency can speed up production, eliminate guesswork, and improve accuracy, once you master it.

Farm Technology Is the Key

Every member of FamilyFarms Group benefits from access to:

  • GPS/GIS data analysis and system set-up assistance
  • A precision ag specialist who will help you analyze your GPS/GIS system’s data and make more informed agronomic decisions
  • Enterprise resource planning (ERP) system for qualifying farms
  • An office technology consultant to help you review, evaluate, and provide recommendations that will enable your operation’s office to operate seamlessly and efficiently

So besides gaining access to the technology, you also get access to industry experts who can help you implement it. And sometimes, that’s the biggest obstacle.

“FamilyFarms for us has been like having a personal trainer in the gym. They have helped us with the mechanics that needed improvement and pushed us toward succeeding with things we didn’t think we could do on our own. They give us that extra push to build the muscle we need to grow our business.” – Rebecca Crownover, Texas

Such assistance is affordable only through the FamilyFarms Group

Some producers don’t know where to even access such resources

An operation by itself could never afford to develop a CRM system or the other items listed above. You likely don’t need an IT person on staff, but you need one when you need one. As a member of FamilyFarms Group, you receive access to all these tools and resources for less than what it would cost to hire or develop any one of them.

With more than 700,000 acres collectively, we can do things as a group that individual operations can only dream of.

Together our members gain competitive advantages not possible when acting alone.