The foundation to long-term success is solid management

Build your well-oiled machine by starting with all the right parts

Farm Management Services

Many farm operators try to improve management practices and find more time to spend with family. But efforts often get put off because while important, they seem less urgent than other tasks.

Intentional and proactive management is essential in today’s environment, especially as row crop consolidation steadily progresses. That’s why FamilyFarms Group offers a wide array of benefits supporting you in the management of your farm business. You may want to make minor tweaks. You may yearn for a major overhaul. Or you may be seriously inspired to become a more prominent competitor.

Whatever you’re looking for, we can help improve your farm management tactics.

A complete farm management system.

Human Resources

Humans are your farm’s most precious resources!

Human Resources services

As a FamilyFarms Group member, you can find, hire, and retain employees more efficiently, leaving you more time to spend with your family or other areas of your business.

Streamline efforts in:

  • Role definement (defining employee roles)
  • Recruiting (job descriptions, recruitment ads, resume screenings, interviews)
  • Hiring (background checks, reference checks, orientation, training)
  • Compliance and administration (handbooks, benefits, employer laws)
  • Employee performance (feedback, reviews, disciplinary and termination processes, exit interviews)
  • Training and development (on-boarding, legal filings, record keeping)

FamilyFarms Group human resources consulting begins with a thorough, top-to-bottom evaluation of your operation. Better management of human resources means improved morale, performance, and overall productivity for your farm business.

“Family Farms has helped make us better managers of our employees and as a result, our employees are more productive, know better what to focus on, and hence are happier as well.”
– Jana Cott


You have goals, you have ideas, you learn things from others and at conferences…but if you don’t apply them, you’ve wasted time and money.

Farm Implementation

Often producers have the best of intentions and want to put ideas into practice but can’t find the time or aren’t sure where to start. That’s where we come in. A key benefit of FamilyFarms Group membership is help with implementation. We first perform a thorough, top-to-bottom evaluation of your operation:

  • Based on your priorities, we use the evaluation to assemble a detailed, written action plan.
  • You’ll be guided in writing a business plan and strategic analysis.
  • We have a collection of experts in different areas to help you make your goals and plan become reality.
  • You will be assigned an implementation coach to coordinate the experts and help keep you accountable.

Implementation is where our passion is greatest because it’s key to keeping your family farm alive and thriving. The full-scale evaluation process is intense, but because you’re involved from the beginning, you’re more likely to remain loyal to your plan and succeed!

The difference between trying to improve on your own, versus multiple resources helping you to focus on the actions needed to achieve your goals, is part of what separates the members of FamilyFarms Group from their competition.

Entity Structure

We’ll help determine the best structure for your organization.

Entity Structure

Our expert ag business consultants will guide you toward the optimal combination of general partnerships, LLCs, S corporations, and/or C corporations that do the best job of balancing liability protection, tax advantages, compliance with government farm subsidy programs, and future transition of your business (succession planning).

We can help you

  • Review legal documents and provide feedback for all structure decisions.
  • Provide templates for leases, ownership transitions, and host of other legal topics.
  • Annually review your structure to accommodate any changes in the operation.
  • Work in conjunction with your professionals in coordinating the various moving parts of your business.

Crop Sales

“I don’t make my money in the field, I make my money in the office”  – FamilyFarms member

Crop Sales

Proper crop sales management can bring greater prosperity and financial stability to your business. FamilyFarms Group members benefit from crop sales management services, including

  • Access to up-to-date crop sales information
  • Training to write your own crop sales plan
  • Risk management considerations
  • Analysis of your true cost of production and break-even
  • Balancing of marketing decisions with cash flow needs
  • Integration of crop insurance