Solutions — Group Leverage

Managing the ups and downs on your farm

Put the power of the group to work for you

Representing more than 700,000+ acres, FamilyFarms Group has developed relationships, leverage and economic benefits that individual farm operations never could.

We want to see the family farm remain viable, fully independent, and profitable indefinitely. For this reason, FamilyFarms Group leverages the acreage, knowledge, technology, and capital of the entire group in order to enhance profitability for members, giving them opportunities that they could not attain on their own.

What our members say

Through FamilyFarms Group’s influence and other members, you can discover small to revolutionary ways to lower farm costs and increase farm revenues—primarily in these three areas:

  • Grants
  • Crop contracts
  • Vendor relationships

A system to lower costs and increase farm revenues


FamilyFarms Group has discovered 13 grant programs (and counting) for which you might qualify.

You are likely already familiar with the CSP and REAP programs, but there are numerous other programs that we are finding many producers don’t know about. There are also some local/regional programs that don’t get much publicity.

Further, many of these programs have fairly easy compliance requirements. With the state of our government finances, these programs won’t be around forever, so let’s help you apply for these while we can.

FamilyFarms Group will not only help identify programs you may qualify for, but our agricultural and business experts will even help write your application.

Members of FamilyFarms Group have received $6,000,000 in grants so far!

Crop Contracts

As a member of FamilyFarms Group, you become part of an elite group of sellers.

Crop Contracts

Specialty crop contracts are available—with premiums—for crops like high amylose corn, white corn, waxy corn or non-GMO corn, or soybeans that you might participate in, depending on your location. Also in the works are private supply agreements with end-users and processors. The larger the group, the more opportunities will be available for all members.

Besides greater access to buyers, you also get the luxury of a full-time marketing expert who can provide advice and consultation whenever needed. Additionally, you’ll be provided with daily market commentary from multiple highly-regarded industry experts.

Your benefits don’t stop there! You will also receive regular crop sales benchmarking, information and training to become even more proficient in this important aspect of your business.

Vendor relationships

As a member of our network, you simply save money.

Leverage Relationships

With 700,000+ acres represented collectively, FamilyFarms Group members have buying power that others just don’t have. We take the collective power of the group and find savings opportunities for you on:

  • Inputs
  • Equipment
  • Grain bins
  • Seed
  • Grain conditioning
  • Insurance
  • Control systems

You still buy from whomever you want, but we’ll always try to find the best options for you.

As the group grows beyond its current 700,000+ acres, opportunities to leverage this collective strength will only increase, all while each member retains the independence and legacy of their family farm.