Farm Tax Services

AgriSolutions offers strategic farm tax services including planning and preparation.

Agriculture is a complex industry who is subject to a variety of ag-specifi­c tax laws, deductions, and special requirements.

Since taxes play a big part of your operation’s income and profitability, it’s crucial to work with professionals who have an in-depth, working knowledge of farm tax services and the agriculture industry in general. Tax regulations continually change, and so do your operation’s expenses and income. The tax professionals at AgriSolutions understand the sophistication of farm businesses and work alongside you to help you navigate through all the complexities of tax planning and preparation.

AgriSolutions is a full-service accounting firm offering

  • Strategic tax planning
  • Income tax preparation of corporate, S-corporate, partnership, estates, and trust, as well as individual returns
  • Payroll reporting, including monthly, quarterly, and annual reporting
  • Proactive tax planning for the future

We have three locations to serve you; Brighton, IL, Greenville, IL, and Geneseo, IL.

Strategic Tax Planning

Annual tax planning is an important part of ensuring your operation’s financial success. By planning for taxes each year, you’ll save yourself a lot of headaches because you’ll know exactly what to expect and be able to proactively make adjustments to avoid paying more tax than you need to. Tax planning with our certified public accountants (CPAs) and enrolled agents (EAs) gives you an overall picture of where you are financially today and sets you up to reach your goals in the future.

Tax Planning Benefits

  • Determine short and long-term goals
  • Plans of action to achieve goals
  • Review and discuss continually changing tax laws
  • Reduce audit risks
  • Determine potential for the future

Your benefits don’t stop there! You will also receive regular crop sales benchmarking, information, and training to become even more proficient in this important aspect of your business.

Tax Preparation Services

Agricultural tax preparation is often confusing, overwhelming, and can be downright scary for even the most business-savvy producer. The laws and deadlines that govern farm taxes are constantly changing, increasing the potential for errors and making it difficult to stay in compliance. Our CPAs and EAs specialize in agricultural tax preparation to support your operation’s success.

AgriSolutions tax services allow you to take advantage of:

  • Special rules for farmers only
  • Tax planning for farmers using these special rules
  • Optimal depreciation deductions
  • Prepaid farm expenses, such as feed and supplies
  • Proper reporting of all farm income and expenses to minimize tax liability
  • Expert understanding of the tax considerations of various business structures