About FamilyFarms Group

Why and how we can preserve your legacy

Family farms have been the foundation of our society for hundreds of years. But over the last 10-20 years, row crop farms are being threatened by a changing ag environment & economics; hitting “glass ceilings” in which their operation now requires skills and management techniques not yet learned; and row crop consolidation factors which previously drove small and medium operations in other sectors (pork, dairy, beef) out of business. Member-owned and representing more than 700,000 acres in North America, FamilyFarms Group wants to do our part to keep these family farms alive, growing, and successful into the future.

We do this by respecting your operation’s independence, understanding your unique situation, building trust, helping you establish goals, and providing support to attain those goals.

It’s all about continual improvement—helping you and your farm get even better.

Who is FamilyFarms Group?

  • A member-owned group of progressive family-owned farm businesses that want to improve both individually and collectively
  • A professional and friendly staff with expertise to help in 17 different areas of your farm business, management, and operations
  • The tools and technology to operate your farm efficiently and effectively
  • A host of relationships with suppliers and buyers, taking advantage of the 700,000+ acres represented by the group

All with the goal of keeping your family on the farm, thriving and successful.

Why join FamilyFarms Group?

Here are just a few of the benefits your farm will enjoy with membership in FamilyFarms Group:

  • Access to expert consulting from ag and management specialists
  • Collective buying power and relationships with key suppliers and buyers
  • Improved attraction and retention of quality employees
  • Increased retention of landowners/acres
  • Improved family relations
  • Greater opportunity for the next generation
  • Increased understanding of costs/profit margin
  • Peace of mind in decision-making

FamilyFarms Group members receive all this and more, while remaining completely independent.

Who’s behind FamilyFarms Group?

We’re member-owned by family farms across North America

Our consultants and staff put years of experience in agricultural management and a host of other industries to work on your farm.

While the operations are headquartered in Brighton, Illinois, our family farm professionals work with operations like yours all across the U.S. and Canada.

We’re excited to meet you!

How does FamilyFarms Group give back?

Through three ambitious programs called CARE, HOPE, and SEED, each with a distinct purpose.

Teams of both staff and producer members have packed disaster kits for flooded rural communities and provided food and water to tornado victims in the U.S., as just one example.

Abroad, we’re working with the Bethesda Outreach Ministry in South Africa to complete a 5-year agricultural effort supporting improved sustainability.

Careers: Is there a position for you on the FamilyFarms Group team?

If you’re passionate about helping family farms thrive, we want to talk with you.

Check out our career opportunities and more.