Family farms across this continent trust us every day

When you’re looking for help to improve your family farm business, we realize it’s not just a matter of choice.

You need a partner that listens, wants to preserve your farm’s independence and confidentiality, understands your goals, and personally helps you achieve them. You need a partner you can fully trust.

What our members say

As an organized group of family farms, we’ve seen firsthand the power that relationships and trust can have on our members’ businesses.

We want our members to successfully compete in the evolving row crop production industry, and our primary goal is to keep families on the farm while preserving the family legacies of our members.

We seek to drive innovation and help family farms navigate the complex business problems brought on by the modern farming industry.

Comparing your options

FamilyFarms Group has an all-inclusive system that enables you to run your farm business independently.

In fact, it’s the only participatory system in the crop industry. And it’s the only system we know of that will give you access to resources, education, peers, and everything you need to grow and/or improve sustainability.

You’ll find other options, like joining a peer group or co-op. With these, you may get access to knowledge and resources. You may even gain access to buying and selling power.

But with just peer groups or co-ops, you may find that they cater more to the masses of members instead of to each of the members.

Its leaders may or may not be visionaries, attempting to stay ahead of curves coming your way. And they probably don’t offer a list of other resources, tools, and education you need to improve your farm’s success and sustainability.

How FamilyFarms Group Is Different

As a member, you gain strength through numbers.

Comparing Options

You will gain

  • Access to knowledge
  • Access to resources
  • Selling power
  • Sustainable revenue growth
  • Increased acreage
  • Reduced costs
  • Access to capital
  • Access to new technologies
  • Up-to-date training and education
  • Secured grants
  • Time savings (efficiency)
  • Reduced risk
  • Increased profitability
  • Opportunities for community involvement
  • Visionary leadership

Invest in the peace of mind for you, your family, and future generations to come deserve

By joining FamilyFarms Group, you’ll receive a well-thought-out, all-encompassing system.

Peace of Mind

Our system will help you improve every aspect of your independent family farm business so it can grow and sustain even after row crop consolidation completes.

Our existence depends on the participation and success of our members.

Our entire staff is dedicated to establishing, building, and respecting your trust in everything we do.