Defining FamilyFarms Group

FamilyFarms Group is a member-owned network of family farm operators, agricultural experts and suppliers.

Who is FamilyFarms Group

We’re working together to help preserve the legacy of family farms as consolidation hits the row crop industry.

Our network provides strength in numbers (of acres, people, and knowledge) to help your family farm grow and compete.

When you join FamilyFarms Group, it’s as if you’ve hired that one phenomenal employee who can:

  • Provide expertise and support in 17+ business categories
  • Train your staff in large farm operations
  • Connect you with peer farm operators throughout our continent.
  • Link you to suppliers and buyers as part of a collective 700,000 acres – you get advantages of the combined economies of scale

No ONE person could possibly do all of that. But for about one salary, you can join FamilyFarms Group and get all of these benefits.

What do FamilyFarms Group members get?

Agricultural expertise

Get connected to top ag business consultants who share up-to-the-minute research and help you increase profitability and sustainability. They educate you, but also provide one-on-one coaching to help you implement everything you’ve learned.

Tools and resources

Imagine your dream tool shed for running a successful farm operation, and we will top that! You’ll have templates, checklists, and data to help with all areas of your farm operations and management at your fingertips.

We’ll also walk you through a thorough business evaluation and SWOT analysis before helping develop a viable business plan tailored to your farm operation.

Ongoing training and education

Get access to year-round training and educational courses in several areas to help your farm thrive and become more sustainable. Training and courses include

  • General management
  • Business development
  • Human resources
  • Crop sales
  • Financial management
  • Business and organization structure
  • Risk management

At our summer and winter ag education conferences, you’ll hear from industry experts about numerous areas of farm operations and business management as well as late-breaking ag issues via general sessions and breakout sessions.

Peer farm networking

FamilyFarms Group comprises farm operations scattered throughout North America.

Our elite peer group of farm operators gives you the chance to exchange ideas, mistakes, and successes with other farmers sharing similar family values.

It’s a fantastic way to speed up your learning curve and save time, especially as technology, knowledge, and strategies continue to change daily.

Supplier & Buyer Relationships

Since 2006, we’ve done the homework and built relationships with vendors and suppliers that are also passionate about keeping family farms alive. By joining FamilyFarms Group, you gain access to all of these trusted resources immediately, without having to do your own extensive research first.

And this is just a peek behind the husk of what FamilyFarms Group offers. You’ll find even more delicious kernels as you peel it back further and get to know us!