What We Stand For

The FamilyFarms Group core values are part of our company’s DNA.

Our core values of system sustainability, teamwork, family, professionalism, innovation, honesty, and integrity, are the driving factors behind everything we do. These values are our guiding principles and impact our company culture, brand, and the way we interact with employees, clients, vendors, and our community.

System Sustainability: Ensure a successful, long-lasting system

We exist to keep families on the farm—promoting the legacy of farm families by driving profit, value, responsible growth, and stewardship of natural resources for long-term success.

Teamwork/Family: Achieve common goals

We will engage in unselfish collaboration, mutual support and encouragement, investing time and effort to strengthen families and to foster the unity and success of FamilyFarms Group through our commitment to participating together to achieve common goals.

Professionalism: Commit to excellence

We will maintain a professional presence committed to accuracy, consistency, timeliness, and continuous improvement. We will be dependable, respectful, and accountable, taking the initiative to meet high standards and own our responsibilities.

Innovation: Discover and implement

We will seek out and utilize creativity and flexibility to maximize competitive advantages and system opportunities that are planned and executed with excellence.

Honesty and Integrity: Do what’s right

We will do the right thing transparently—practicing what we preach while maintaining strict confidentiality and avoiding any conflict of interest.